What is Twinkiz?

Twinkiz is a new social network with new concepts that aims to improve the communication between people all over the world

What is Twinkiz goal?

Our goal is to make all of the world as one society so people from all over the world can communicate, share, discuss together without any barriers exchanging their cultures and language together

How to use Twinkiz ?

People in Twinkiz has two world that can share with :

Public world : where everyone in the world have the ability to share in, and you as a user can reacts with them without being friends to you, so you are going to know new people with new cultures and language, learning, discussing with them and making friends from all over the world.

Private world ( your private life & world ) : where you and your friends only can share and react in this world and no one can see what's happening there " depend on you item privacy friends or friends of friends or only you".